Everyone is a Broadcaster!

An interview by Hall of Fame speaker Mark Sanborn, with Riaz Meghji, a speaker and author. Riaz shares his thoughts on why everyone is a broadcaster in 2021. He also gives some tips on how to be a great virtual presenter and connect with your audience.

Riaz talks about how times have changed, and in 2021 everyone is a presenter. He shares some tips on how to become a great virtual presenter in 2021!  

  • Forget about yourself and point your focus forward to the audience. If you’re more worried about how you look and act on your side of the camera, you will not connect with the audience.  
  • Call people up, not calling them out. To get participation with the audience, ask questions that will bring the audience to you. 
  • Embrace the unpredictability. Things will not always work as planned; embrace it and roll with it. 
  • Act like a human. Less info and more emotion!

After you watch this video, check out Mark’s free guide to “8 Things That Make or Break a Virtual Presentation” https://www.vpi.institute/free-8-thin

Riaz is a speaker and author of “Every Conversation Counts: The 5 Habits of Human Connection That Build Extraordinary Relationships”. Riaz’s website for more great content from him https://riazmeghji.com/

Mark is a top 5 leadership speaker and co-founder of the Virtual Presentations Institute. www.vpi.institute